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Advice and assistance with organic certification

TM Organics are experts in organic certification. Whether you're exploring your options to go organic or are an operator who is already certified and looking for help, we can provide assistance. We even have our "certifier choice" system to help in your decision making process. Tim Marshall is regarded by many as Australia's foremost organic certification expert. He was one of the founders of Australia's first organic certifier, worked for the world peak body in organics "International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements"(IFOAM) as their first standards and certification officer, and has inspected/visited over 3000 certified (or in conversion) properties in 15 countries.

Sometimes the certifiers talk in a language that can be difficult to understand, so we are here to help you get the best out of the relationship with your certifier. More than half of our staff have had direct experience in working for a certifier in the last few years, so they really understand. 

Business and financial management support

TM Organics can add significant value in working with producers in refining their business operations.

We believe that organic production and process must move together with commercial implications and realities.

Sometimes, the production requirements get ahead of the financial and business requirements, so TM Organics is equipped to handle many of your needs in this area. From assisting with bookkeeping and accounting, all the way through to developing business plans and financial models for the bank and investors, TM Organics can work alongside you to achieve the optimum result.

Applications for grant funding

TM Organics has a significant rack record of success in securing grant funding. The process of applying for a grant can appear daunting to the inexperienced, and our writing and analysis skills come to the fore in developing the case for the grant application. We are widely experienced in obtaining both Commonwealth and State Government grants, along with funding applications from RDC's and other grant sources.

In many cases we work alongside the grant application in actually developing the ideas for the grant, as well as working through the issues associated with both delivery of the outcomes, and the reporting and acquittals the grant organization requires.

If you think your organisation is (or can be) positioned for a grant, please contact us.

Agronomic advice and plans

"TM Organics can provide many agronomic services...but with a focus on organic methods.  We like to call it "orgronomy"!  
It's also important to appreciate that we are independent...not tied to any relationship with any input supplier.  This means our recommendations can draw from a very wide range of products and suppliers to deliver the very best result for our clients.
Recent work has included soil and leaf tissue analysis, rotation planning for conversion to organic, and water quality management plans.  Dr Ash Martin is our specialist in this area with deep knowledge, especially of soil microbiology, and wide experience in many regions of Australia."

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